About Us

We have an integrated business model providing various financial products and services to our client base of retail investors, high net worth individuals, companies and institutions. With an experienced senior management and people partnership model, we have been able to create a strong base with an emerging pan India presence. "Microsec" is a well-recognized brand with adequate base of research delivery capabilities. At Microsec knowledge is worshipped, transparency is mirrored, partnerships are nurtured and commitments are kept.

We Are...

Since its inception, Microsec's commitment to "Creating true value" has been the cornerstone of its business approach that has enabled the firm to establish strong client relationship.

Our partnership-led approach allows us to work together with companies to generate solutions that are completely aligned to their overall business and financial objectives and ensure seamless implementation of their business strategies.

We provide...

We are focused to provide services in the arena of Investment Banking, Brokerage Services, Research Service, and Financial Planning.

Our ability to provide integrated custom made solutions has helped us to carve a niche for ourselves as we assist to create "Mega Wealth through Micro Focus".


At this time of constant reinvention, business are in often need of an impetus for action it needs someone to take its vision forward and convert it into reality. We are committed to help Corporates make an immediate and visible impact on their operations through Consulting, Planning & Implementation assistance.

Our people constantly upgrade their knowledge and apply their experience and a unique client service model to deliver practical solutions that have a profound and far reaching impact.

We convert ideas into action, which is "Ideation" via Focused Approach, Committed Delivery, Dynamic Attitude, Knowledge Management, Coordinated Team effort and a visible Integration of all these virtues.

Mission Statement

To facilitate financial transactions with commitment and transparency by adding value to achieve financial goals.