• Monthly Subscription of Rs. 2999/- ( Exclusive taxes )
  • Unlimited Trading at Zero Brokerage
  • Applies for NSE Cash, NSE F & O, BSE Cash and NSE Currency

Terms & Conditions:

  • a. Call and Trade: .50% of delivery turnover / .05% of intraday turnover / Rs. 50 per lot in option segment.
        For details please refer scheme sheet.
  • b. Digital Contract notes and all other statements would be sent via Email
  • c. Physical copies of Contract notes shall be charged Rs. 25 / contract. Courier Charges extra
  • d. To view the list of charges, please click here.
  • e. Exchange Charges, Transaction Charges and Statutory Levies will be charged as applicable.
  • f. Terms and Conditions can be subject to change.
  • g. Above offer is applicable for internet trading only